ageless beauty

As seen in: The Huffington Post, SBS Australia, PDN Magazine
Featured in: Blank Wall Gallery "Bodies" exhibit (Athens, Greece, March 2016)


At the beginning of my photography career, I worked as a fashion photographer, first assisting and then shooting fashion editorials in New York City. I quickly discovered that it was a niche that I did not find particularly fulfilling and that I was helping to create and perpetuate a very narrow definition of “beauty” in society: the idea that women are only beautiful if they are youthful and flawless.

When it comes to getting older, there are huge double standards for men and women: society tells us that men can become more desirable and attractive with age, but women become less so. I wanted to create a portrait series that would help to challenge the narrow definition of what is “beautiful” according to fashion magazines and advertising, and to show that women only become stronger and more beautiful the more life they have lived. And so “Ageless Beauty” was born. 

The "Ageless Beauty" series was covered in news media around the world, from The Huffington Post to the Australian television news network SBS Australia. In March 2016, it was featured in The Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece, as part of the "Bodies" exhibit.


“Society is completely warped and detached on what true beauty is. 
Now at 50, I am finally finding the truth in beauty.”  -Victoria

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