Now, more than ever before, transgender people are in the spotlight. In 2017 alone, National Geographic magazine put their first transgender individual on the cover, the Boy Scouts’ opened membership up to transgender boys, and Revlon signed its first transgender model. There has simply never been more conversation or discussion surrounding the transgender community than there is today.

But there’s still a long way to go. Transgender people still remain on the fringes of society. Though visibility is increasing, being transgender still carries a stigma and transgender individuals continue to face discrimination and inequality. Though the reasons behind this are countless and complex, a lot of issues stem from a general lack of understanding.  This is what inspired me to create the "Transparent' portrait series.

Through visual and written storytelling, the aim of this series is to help normalize transgender individuals in the media, create a better understanding around what being transgender means, and highlight the great diversity of this community, which spans all racial, ethnic and faith backgrounds, age, and social status. By photographing and interviewing 20 transgender individuals from all across the United States, I hope to help people see past the label and the stigma—and instead see a coworker, a neighbor, a brother, a sister, or a friend.

So far, I have received interest from Vogue, The Huffington Post and W Magazine in featuring the series in their respective publications (my Ageless Beauty portrait project was widely covered in the media last year). Several galleries in New York have also expressed their interest in an exhibit featuring the series. Your sponsorship would help greatly with studio and production-related costs (for a full breakdown of costs, please click here) and would guarantee coverage and visibility in the above publications.

Rachel, Mom, Professional dart player
Britt, Advertising professional
Will, Actor
Garnet, Student

From top, L-R: Emmett (filmmaker), Rachel (mom and professional dart champion), Brit (advertising professional), Will (actor), Garnet (student)